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A Day at Sage Lodge, Wednesday, July 20

Updated: Jul 31, 2022

On Wednesday, July 20, we asked to meet at the van at 9 am to see who was going to ride or go for a hike. The ride was going to be similar to the previous day, so most of the group opted for the guided hike. We were supposed to go on a 6-mile hike, but ended up being just under 4 miles. Most of the trails that we hiked belonged to the Sage Lodge including the cattle grazing in the fields.

At the end, we had to stop and have a group photo.

After the hike and lunch, Mark and I decided to try out the hot tub which was a lot larger than I expected. It was more like a small pool. Since the sun was out all morning, the water was quite warm, like bathwater. When the jets were turned on, the new water coming in was cooler. The lodge had fly fishing rods for the guests to borrow, so Mark wanted to try one out on the lake.

Then at 4 pm, there was axe throwing. I had to try this. It was both a little bit of instruction followed by actual axe throwing. I didn't know that Mark was a natural. He picked up the axes and all 7 of his ended up on the wooden target. I was not as successful, but Mark was able to capture one of my throws.

Dinner was at the lodge and of course, Mark had to have more red meat. Chicken does not seem to be part of the menu in Montana. I had a bison burger only because I was tired of eating salmon. We needed to get a good night's sleep because there would be more biking in the morning after breakfast. Don't get me started on breakfast because they were huge!

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