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August 15, part two

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

We were not able to celebrate Susan's birthday on her exact birthday, we decided to celebrate it on Friday, August 21 instead. This way, we could have two different desserts, and both made by Kirsten. Susan asked for a dirt cake which consists of crushed Oreos, chocolate pudding, Cool Whip, and gummy worms. Robert, Susan, and Oakley came to dinner and Susan wanted Chinese food for dinner, so we did take out from our favorite in Franklin. After dinner, it was time for dirt cake and presents. By the time, Susan opened her presents, Oakley was pooped out and sleeping on the floor! Brian and Oakley had fun playing with each other. Brian had not seen such a small dog before and Oakley did not know what a cat was. The last photo is Susan holding Kirsten's present. She had a friend of Michaela Tedesco create a watercolor of Robert and Susan's first house.

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