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Bergen, Day 2, Fisheries Museum

It looked like it was going to be a good weather wise, but we were sadly mistaken. In New England, they say that if you don't like the weather, just wait a minute and it will change. That is the same here. One moment, the sun peaks out and then it pours. It was even raining while the sun was shining. We purchased a Bergen card which allows you into various museums and cultural attractions for free or a reduced rate. We wanted to see the Rosenkrantz Tower first, but it was still closed. We saw that the Norwegian Fisheries Museum was a 20 minute walk, so we started there first. The museum showed the cod industry from the early days with drying of cods on racks before they were sent to Europe. We played some hands on activities that were meant for children, but there were no children and only a large tour group. As we left the museum, it was pouring hard again. Luckily, there was a free bus back to the downtown.

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