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Bergen, Day 2, the Tower and museums

We were returned from the Fisheries Museum and we walked down to the Rosenkrantz Tower. It was build in 1270, but changed over the years until about 1563. It is still being renovated and preserved. We were able to tour the ancient tower. It was like a maze, but there were red arrows to keep us on the right path. The stairs were twisty, stone steps that were very narrow. We were hoping to visit Haakon's Hall, but it closed at 3 pm. As we left, there were some men and women practicing their knife skills against others.


I looked to see what would still be open at 3 and saw that Bergen had 4 art museums not too far away. Despite all the rain, I did spy a rainbow! One of the museums had a collection of art by Edvard Munch, who painted "The Scream". Below is a self-portrait from his time in a mental health clinic. We were able to visit 2 museums before they closed.

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