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Biking in Grand Teton National Park, Saturday, July 23

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

Last full day of biking and the longest as well. We were shuttled just a few blocks to the beginning of the bike trail that would take us out of Jackson. It was great to cycle on the bike trail even if it is hilly, but at least we don't have to worry about cars or trucks. We rode for about 14 miles on the bike trail which ran parallel to the main road before we headed onto the highway. Just a bit down the road, we took a right onto a fairly small road where we didn't see many cars. This road took us by a tiny town of Kelly (population of 138).

After passing through Kelly, we stopped at Morman Row. At the end of the 1800s, leaders of the Mormon church sent out members to settle in other places throughout the west. In the 1890s, settlers arrived in Wyoming and established a community named Grovont, which is known today as "Mormon Row". Two of the barns are still standing along with one of the original homes. The buildings became part of the National Register of Historic Places in 1990. We stopped and took pictures. There were also guides to explain what life was like for the early settlers. My favorite part was the outhouse in the middle of the field.

Lunch was at Cottonwood Creek. While we biked in the morning, some of the group, stayed on the shuttle and came straight to the lunch spot to go hiking instead. The morning ride was about 25 miles and very pleasant and scenic. After a short lunch, we headed back out for the second ride of the day which would take us down to Jenny Lake and then back to Jackson. We had to ride on the road to get to Jenny Lake, but the road became one-way along the lake. We stopped to take some more photos on our way around the lake and back to Jackson. On the way back on the bike trail, we expected to fly down some of the downhills that we had pedaled up, but there was a strong headwind that made it rather difficult to go fast.

The total biking for the day was 58 miles. Below is our route from Mark's watch and the elevation map from the tour guides. When you look at the elevation maps, you think that you are going to be climbing some large hills, but it is very deceiving. These are over a course of many miles.

After we got back, we showered and went to have our final dinner of the trip. Below is a photo of the entire group before heading out to dinner and a photo of just our table at dinner. We stayed out late, but the following day was no biking - white water rafting.

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