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Bozeman, Montana, Monday July 18

After only 4 hours of sleep, we woke to get ready to leave for Logan airport in Boston at 3:15 am. It was extremely empty at the airport with no waiting at TSA. We hit a lot of turbulence on the flight to Chicago. We learned, when we landed, that our next flight to Montana was delayed by almost an hour. It's so boring to just sit around at an airport with your luggage. At least one of us can get to walk around, while the other watches the bags. Finally, it was time to leave. The plane was not full and I had no one next to me in the window seat, so I moved over. It was so interesting watching the scenery change from green squares of farmlands to the hills of North Dakota and Montana.

We had pre-hired a taxi to drive us from the airport to our hotel, The Lark in downtown Bozeman. The Bozeman airport is a small but architecturally a beautiful building with large wooden beams throughout the inside, It had a lodge feel. The ride was about 25 minutes and we were able to check into the hotel early. The Lark was described as a boutique hotel in the downtown.

It was still early, but we walked around town trying to decide if we wanted a late lunch or just snacks until dinner. We found a homemade hard cider house where we sampled a variety of their ciders. Mark wanted to try the Jalapeno cider and I wanted to try the Pina Colada cider. We added two more to try. I took one sip of the Jalapeno cider and I thought my lips were burn off. It was so spicy. Mark said it wasn't to him. The Pina Colada was very sweet and helped take away the burning.

We ended up at a restaurant that had outdoor seating for dinner. I had a delicious salmon entree while Mark had venison ribs which looked more like chops. We were exhausted from getting up so early that morning and we had to meet our Backroads group at 8 am the next morning at another hotel a block from where we were.

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