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Copenhagen, Day 1

Updated: Jun 25, 2019

Finally arrived in Copenhagen around 1 pm after a long flight. We can't seem to sleep on these flights. We took the metro, very clean and fast, to the town center. The hotel was only a 7 minute walk if you go in the correct direction, we did not. Finally, we made it to the Kong Arthur. and checked in.

We decided to visit the town and find a spot to eat. I had read Rick Steeves' walking tour of Copenhagen and used it to find some points of interest. First, we walked to Radhuspladsen, City Hall and we found the Hans Christian Andersen statue. From there we strolled by Tivoli Gardens, a large amusement park in the heart of the city, and then to visit some churches. Walking down the pedestrian boulevard Stroget, we found the Cathedral of Our Lady which looks like a Greek temple outside and Neoclassic inside. Along the inside, you will find the 12 apostle statues. Across the street, you will find a Reformation statue.

From there, we walked past the Copenhagen University and onward to the harbor. The harbor is very similar to Bergen's with its old fishing buildings along the water. After walking through the old harbor, we visited Amallenborg Palace where the queen and prince reside. If you find a Danish flag flying, she is at home. There were many guards walking in front of the palace and the flag was flying. Walking northward, we entered Kastellet, which is a star-shaped 17-th century fortress with ramparts and a museum. There was a moat surrounding the Kastellet. Continuing through we came to the Little Mermaid Statue which sits in the water a little ways off of shore. Later we walked back to the center of town for supper at the Ricemarket.

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