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Updated: Apr 23, 2019

Easter morning started off very dreary with rain imminent. I made sure to bring my raincoat as we started off to church. Shawn had driven up on Saturday night, so he joined Kirsten, Mark and me. Robert was attending church with Susan and would be home later in the morning with Susan. Church was very crowded and we had to sit on folding chairs behind the last set of pews. Robert asked if we were late. No, not on Easter. It was a nice and joyful service.

After church, we had a lot of food to prepare for brunch. Mark wanted to go for a run, so he left while Shawn and Kirsten did a majority of the work. We had a bacon egg bread, lemon poppy seed cake, fresh fruit, french toast, ham, roasted vegetables, hash brown cups with parmesan cheese and the 'piece de resistance', Carrot Cake. It warmed up a bit and we were able to eat on the deck.

Kirsten had prepared a special egg hunt this year. Instead of the usual candy, she found a variety of food that everyone would like including a Starbucks gift card. For the prizes that would not fit in an egg, she wrote the prize on a piece of paper. There were 64 eggs and I had the honor of hiding them all. Kirsten even created a map so I could track where the eggs were hidden. The weather cooperated and the hunt was so much fun especially for Susan who had never participated in an Easter egg hunt before.

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