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Final Full Day, Day 13

The final full day of sailing, so sad that the vacation ends soon. The first and only real stop is at Trondheim. We stopped at this city on the way up north and we had gone on a guided tour. That day had been a cold, but sunny day. Today it is cold and rainy. Also, the boat docked at 7:30 am. We got up early so we could get breakfast at 6:30 am before heading ff the boat.

We walked some of the same roads as last week and then veered off on some uncharted areas. In the end, we walked 4.7 miles in the 2 hours we had available. At 10 am, the excursion team discussed what we need to do when we dock in Bergen tomorrow. We will still have breakfast and lunch before we dock at 2:30 pm. Unfortunately, we need to vacate our rooms by 10 am and have our suitcases placed by the elevator. On to the lunch buffet. Mark is going to miss the dessert buffet. They always have lots of yummy sweets.

After lunch, the excursion team had a wrap up video of the different events of the week. Mark was featured in one scene when he was getting water poured over his head, the Arctic Crossing baptism. Last chance to jump in the jacuzzi. The water is so nice and warm while the air is freezing cold. While soaking in the jacuzzi, we saw some gorgeous rainbows. I have never seen so many beautiful rainbows before and each arc starts in the water and travels across the sky before falling into the water. After enjoying the jacuzzi, Mark wants one for the backyard!

Dinner was lobster soup followed by pork shank and veggies. For dessert, Mark had Nýr cheesecake with raspberry while I had sorbet with mixed fruits. The captain presented a talk after supper about what it is like to be on the bridge with a video of both the engine room and the bridge. Off to bed and start packing.


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