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Firsts for the Spring

Last year, I purchased a group of Pawsox tickets so that the 6 of us could attend games together during the summer. This spring, I purchased more Pawsox tickets. Everyone decided that we had to attend this game, PawSox hosted the Syracuse Chiefs. Robert picked it because Tim Tebow was playing left field for Syracuse. Tim Tebow had played quarterback for both the Denver Broncos and New England Patriots. Robert wore his Patriot jersey with "Tebow" on the back. Shawn wanted to go to this game because Syracuse is the AAA affiliate for the NY Mets. He proudly wore his NY Mets t-shirt. As the game went on, we did notice a lot of Tebow fans in the stands. It was a great game and weather wasn't too cold. The PawSox won the game and two of the players that we saw were promoted up to the Boston Red Sox.

After the game, we went back home to have burgers and as the weather cooled down, we built the first fire of the season.

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