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Heidelberg, June 22

Heidelberg Schloss

Our friends, Holger and Nana invited us to stay with them for the long weekend. Unfortunately, Nana was feeling well on Saturday morning, so Holger drove us down to Heidelberg to take a sightseeing cruise and tour the city. Holger is a university professor at the University of Heidelberg. One of the most visited places is the Heidelberg Schloss. It was built before 1214 and later expanded in 1294. However the schloss was destroyed by fires, wars, and lightening. From the front, you would think that it is still intact, but when you walk around the back, you can the see the damage.

The city is very old including the oldest library in Germany. After the boat ride, we walked up to the castle and through the town, which was very touristy.

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