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Hjørundfjord, Day 4

We traveled through the night to our first real stop, Urke. There were other stops during the night but they were for mail and package deliveries. It was a rough night as the boat traveled into open seas. We woke many times, but luckily we don't get sea sickness. We didn't know that it could get any worse, but it can. Urke is at the end of the Hjørundfjord. It is a tiny village of 53 townspeople and the boat could not dock. There was a small tender that shuttled the passengers back and forth. We were originally scheduled on a bus/ferry tour of 3 towns. The road is narrow and winding. In the morning, we discovered that the tour was cancelled due to snow. We decided to go on another excursion, Hike to the Shieling. A shieling is a summer farm. On the 2 mile hike up t the shieling, we passed many woolly sheep and then it began to snow. Not heavy snow, but still snow in September. The shieling consisted of 5 small wooden cottages that could accommodate 2 people each. In the old days, young women lived in the cottages during the summer to care for and milk the cows. Today, the care taker set up the cabins for a picnic for the tour group. We were treated to local meats and cheeses. It was cold in the cabin, but the warm tea helped. We stayed for about 45 minutes before hiking down to the pier. The pictures from Urke are at the top of pictures below.


We cruised out of the fjord and on to Ålesund. Ålesund is a small port town of approximately 47,000 and is known for its art nouveau architecture. In 1904, practically the entire town was destroyed by a fire and all of the houses were constructed of wood. The town was rebuilt in stone, brick, and mortar in Jugendstil (German art nouveau), the architecture style of the time. There was no organized tour of the city, so we explored it on our own for about an hour. We returned to the ship to get ready for dinner. While breakfast and lunch are buffets, dinners are a set time and table. The dinner this night consisted of carpaccio of clipfish from Dybvik, leg of lamb from Hellesyit, and caramelized apples. The carpaccio was dried/salted cod with tomatoes and greens. The lamb was very tender with a mustard sauce. The night was rocking and rolling as we entered open sea.

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