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Lots of PawSox Games! ⚾️

We had purchased some flex tickets back in the spring and you can trade them in for any of the games during the season. It makes it easier to decide which games to attend. Purchasing the flex tickets also gives you $2 off at the concession stand as well as guaranteeing you get the promotional gift for that night. In August, we went to 3 separate games, one with all 6 of us, one with just 4 of us and then one just Mark and I alone. The night that all six of us went, the promo gift was a World Series Boston Red Sox replica ring. They were all gone by the time we arrived at the game, but since I had the flex tickets I could go back on Monday and get them. The ring is really huge and really looks like the real World Series rings. Robert was wearing his and it was big on his finger. Also, Kirsten surprised Shawn, Robert, and Susan by having their names up on the scoreboard to wish them a Happy Birthday. They also announced them over the loudspeaker. Fun nights at McCoy Stadium.

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