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On to Lexington, Friday, October 14, 2022

We had an early breakfast at the hotel, but for some reason, the service was extremely slow. I like to go back to the room after breakfast to brush my teeth and make sure we have packed up everything with nothing left behind. We were leaving the Castle, so we needed to have our luggage outside the van. Again, it was extremely cold, in the 40s, but sunny. It did get warmer as we biked. Today, one of the guides drew the map on the van's window. Can you see the mascots on the roof? Well, we are in horse country.

Our first stop was Midway, a tiny town with a railroad traveling straight down the center of the town. This was a water and bathroom stop.

From Midway, we continued to our picnic lunch in Georgetown. Yes, all we do is eat! The lunch was set up in a local park with a distillery across the street. We were able to have a free tasting and Mark bought a bottle. Lunch is always an elaborate spread of fresh salads, cheese, fruit, salmon, sandwiches, and of course dessert. I liked that they had canned espresso drinks in the cooler. I don't drink coffee in the morning before riding, so this became my mid-morning caffeine break. They even provided folding chairs.

From lunch, we continued to the Kentucky Horse Park. At the Horse Park, we were able to tour the International Museum of the Horse which is dedicated to the history of the horse and its relationship with humans. We also walked around the horse barns visiting the different breeds.

After the tour, we had the choice, to take the van directly to the hotel or to bike back. We were on a biking vacation, so of course, we chose to bike to Lexington. Also, there was a bike trail which sounded good. When we arrived in Lexington and the hotel, the guides had set up a mini-bar in the back of one of the vans so I tried a Mint Julep (bourbon, simple syrup, and mint). The first one was so strong that I asked for a little bit of seltzer. The second one was better. Mark also had some bourbon drinks.

Our hotel, 21c Museum Hotel, was in an old bank and it was really interesting. Their mascot was a blue penguin which was outside the hotel. At 6:30 pm, we had Happy Hour in the Lockbox bar in the hotel lobby followed by dinner. We were exhausted and went straight to bed after dinner.

Our route map, we biked 46 miles with 2300 ft elevation.

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