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During the spring and early fall, Mark and I spent most Saturdays and Sundays running (or biking) through the woods. We have traveled all around Boston to go to these parks and state forests just to get lost, and we do get lost quite a bit. In April, we took Shawn and Kirsten to Colt State Park in Rhode Island and that was a very simple event. Of all of the orienteering events, my ultimate favorite is the Belmont Wanderings which is done primarily on bikes. It is a 3.5 hour biking followed by 1 hour of running/walking. This one is my favorite because I don't need a compass and I love biking even if it is in a city. Even though we are running against other hikers and the clock, I still like to stop and take some pictures. Best sight of the day, the Finish sign. #NEOC

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