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Orienteering on Bikes 🚴‍♂️

On a beautiful, cool Saturday morning, we headed up to Winchester, about 10 miles north of Boston to begin our Wanderings course. Due to the virus, we were able to start anytime we wished and report back our times and answers to the race director. We were given unlabeled street maps and 3 hours to find as many clues as possible. Most of the time, the clues were attached to telephone poles and I would write down the number listed. Kirsten and Shawn went their own direction northward and Mark and I went toward the south. Interestingly, we never discussed our paths before we started. The path that we took was a lot more hilly than the roads that we are used to in Franklin. At one point, we could see the Boston skyline. Although we did have to travel on some busy streets, we tried to take as many back roads as we could including a bike path. We returned to the starting point with 5 minutes to spare and Kirsten and Shawn returned a little bit later. This is my favorite orienteering event, probably since I enjoy biking over running through the woods.

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