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Out of the city and into the country - Day 9, June 16


We biked out of the city of Hamburg a little ways to catch a ferry with our bikes to cross the Elbe River. So glad to leave the bustling city behind for the countryside. Luckily for us, we were riding through Hamburg on a Sunday morning and there was not a lot of traffic. The ferry was a half-hour ride to a suburb. Off the boat and on the bikes again. We rode through so many small villages and farmlands. Everyone stopped for a mid-morning snack. Mark and I shared a piece of cheesecake, while others had coffee and pastries. Our German guide ordered a slice of German Forest Cake and it was so large!

On our way, we passed this building where lots of people were entering. There was an exhibition of farm vehicles and animals on the grounds. Everyone stopped for a late lunch at a small restaurant in Ramelsloh. Unfortunately, the service was extremely slow and we spent quite a bit longer than we had planned. We still had about 30 km to go, but most of it was downhill. As in most of the cities, we enter on rough cobblestones. The hotel was near the center of town. There seemed to be a street fair going on which will have to check out later. The town is a very quaint medieval town. Lüneberg was a salt town and you can see remains of this industry around the town. We walked around a bit to capture the unique architecture of the buildings. It was peaceful even with the street fair going on.

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