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Robert has flown the nest. 🦅

It was a sad day in the Hummel house when Robert moved out into his very own apartment. He has had apartments before, but that was in college and graduate school. We loaded up his car and Mark's and it all fit. He didn't take a lot of things and he left all of his winter clothes behind. It is a one-bedroom in Concord, only about 15 minutes from his work and about 40 minutes to Susan's work. Their apartment is on the first floor with a slider door which helped with moving in. While we were there, both the Comcast TV installer and furniture arrived. They had ordered a sofa and matching chair for the living room and a bed, dresser and nightstand for the bedroom. The apartment complex also has an outdoor pool and work out studio, both just a short walk from their apartment. I took all of the pictures as we were moving Robert in. We also moved some of their wedding gifts into the apartment. While we were there, Susan arrived. By the time we left, Susan had started putting away her kitchen pans, dishes, glassware and other gifts.

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