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Traditional German hike and food, June 23

at the top

Today, Holger and Nana wanted to take us on a hike. It was a local group of hills that were not far from their house. The picture above was taken at the top. Not too impressive at the top, but the climb has beautiful views.

After our hike, we stopped at a small traditional German restaurant. Lucky for us to have a translator with us. I finally had my German sausage and potato salad and it was so delicious. After lunch, we headed back and stopped in a small town, Dilsberg. We walked through the town and took more pictures. Holger had never been there before, but a friend had recommended stopping to see it. As you can see from the pictures below, it is rather small with a medieval look.

From their apartment, we could walk to one of their favorite eateries, a Greek restaurant. It so much fun to eat outside, have great food and conversation. Because it stays lighter longer, you lose track of time. We walked back and had to get our clothes packed up since we will be leaving in the morning to return to the US. It was sad to leave Germany and all of the fun adventures we had in the 2 and half weeks.

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