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White water rafting on the Snake River, Sunday, July 24

Unfortunately, I do not have any pictures of white water rafting. I did not feel comfortable bringing my phone on the raft since I don't have a waterproof case. It was an awesome 8-mile trip down the river where we had some nice waterfalls and rapids and then calm water. At one point, the guide said that it was a perfect spot to jump in and swim for a while. Mark and two others did jump in, but getting back in wasn't as easy as they thought! One interesting spot on the river was called champagne because there were bubbles rising from the river floor. At some points, the river was extremely shallow and you could see the bottom. With all of the recent flooding, the guides said the river was flowing fast at the beginning of July. Below is a photo taken while on the raft by the company that they wanted you to purchase. There are logos across it, but you can easily see Mark and me. Our bike guide wanted to sit on the front of the raft but kept falling back into the raft every time we hit the rapids.

Mark was able to capture the trip on his watch GPS. It was actually close to the Idaho border.

After a filling lunch at a local Mexican restaurant, we had to say our goodbyes and head to the airport. One of the guides dropped us off and we just had to sit around and wait for our late flight to Boston via Seattle. The first leg of the trip was not full and we changed seats so I could get a window seat and view the Rockies. I was able to capture a twilight view of Mt Ranier. That's all of this wonderful trip to two National Parks.

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