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Mark's Birthday (still in quarantine!)

Another year has gone by and we are still just staying in our small group. For Mark's birthday, it was just the four of us which includes Shawn, but no Robert and Susan. They decided to head down to South Carolina and Georgia before the baby comes. In their place, they left us Oakley to watch for the week. He is one excited puppy who loved playing with Brian every night. Kirsten came up with a new idea for a present. She created a video of his friends from college and work. She reached out to them via email or facebook. For some of them, I was able to connect using facebook since she wasn't friends with them. It was a great 30-minute video and it's funny to see how they have changed over the years.

For a cake, Kirsten used inspiration from Star Wars and created a Baby Yoda cake. It was a chocolate cake at the bottom filled with a cherry compote in between the layers. The head, face, and ears were created using Rice Krispies and colored fondant. It was an extremely rich cake and it looked fantastic. I would say very professional looking.

Ta Da! Kirsten's cake!

This is what she based her cake on. Looks pretty close.

Happy Birthday Mark!

Can't forget Oakley...

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