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Copenhagen, Day 1 of Bike Trip

Updated: Jun 25, 2019

After a traditional Danish breakfast, we made our way back downtown to see the food market. Just about a 10 minute walk, we found a large food market that had a variety of foods. We found many local cheese, meats, and seafoods as well as plants and vegetables.

Afterwards, we walked back to our hotel so that we could begin our bike tour. We met our fellow bikers and headed out on the road to take a very short trip around the city.

We met for dinner around 5 were taken to an upscale restaurant, Høst, the Danish word for harvest. It is both rustic and elegant with many courses. It was very delicious. The last picture was Mark's dessert. We had some different dishes due to my gluten intolerance.

Pictures: at the food market, we found pastries and breads, Danish frog chocolates, fresh fish, olives, plants and flowers, fresh berries and vegetables, inside market, on the street, and Mark's dessert.

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