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Off to Hamburg - Day 7, June 14

Breakfast was early, but we didn't start riding until 9 am. Under a clear, blue sky, we spent most of the day on small country roads. We also had many bike paths some of which were quite bumpy due to the tree roots. In RI, when we ride on the bike paths, the bumps are painted orange and you can see them from far away. Today, it seemed like I spent more time out of the saddle than on it.

At about 14 km, we stopped at the small town of Bliestorf at a small country bakery. We didn't eat anything, but others had coffee and pastries.

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We continued on to the ext bakery that the guides recommended in Lütjensee (38 km). Here, Mark and I shared a passion fruit cheesecake. I nibbled a little of the top and Mark finished it. We got lost on the way to Hamburg. We missed an arrow and we doubled back and found it. Luckily, we hadn't gone too far. Even with the missed turn, we made it to the hotel before others - rather strange. The final part of this day's trip was through a park. Others had stopped somewhere in the park to eat lunch. Now we are in Hamburg after 70 km (44 mi) on the road. Tonight is the last supper for part of the group. 4 cyclists are not going on to Berlin.

After we cleaned up, Mark and I headed out into to explore Hamburg. Of course, as it has happened in every other town, it began lightening and thundering and then pouring. We ran back to the hotel to grab rain jackets. Our hotel is within walking distance of most o the city. We stopped to photograph the large train station. We passed many upscale store both European and American. We walked down to the Rathouse (city hall), erected in 1886 - 97. It is the seat of the local government of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg. We passed by many churches such as St. Peter's the city oldest parish church with records going back to 1195. It had been added to over the years, but the Great Fire of 1842 destroyed it and it was rebuilt a couple of years later. We passed another church, St. Jacobi, which was damaged during WWII. On our way to dinner, we stopped at what appeared to be an older building, but was built in 1922 - 24 as part of the expressionist architecture movement of Germany. The Chilihaus was commissioned by a shipping magnate who made his fortune trading saltpeter from Chile. It is now a UNESCO World Heritage site. City sights:

We had a lovely dinner with 5 courses including dessert. Because it stays lighter here, we are thinking it is earlier than it is. For example, sunset is 9:49 pm, while in Franklin it is 8:21 pm. Group dinner photos:

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