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Shawn's Chopped Basket

We enjoy the Food Network show, "Chopped". The premise of the show is to present the chefs a variety of food items that they have to prepare into a cohesive dish. Most of the time, the food in the basket doesn't seem that it would ever go together in an appetizer or entree, but the chefs always cook a fantastic dish. Shawn has always wanted to challenge himself with a strange basket of food items. For the appetizer meal, his basket included canned artichokes, corn tortillas, cranberry sauce, hot dogs. He made an artichoke dip with cut vegetables as well as a hot dog wrapped in the tortilla with a cranberry relish.

The final creation! Sorry, I had eaten some before taking a picture.


After serving Mark, Kirsten, and me, (the three judges), we did a quick clean up so we could present him with the entree basket of sour cream and onion potato chips, quinoa, turkey bacon, and a can of jack fruit. Shawn was a little miffed to be given food items that he would not eat on a normal day. His final entree was grilled jackfruit and bacon on a sandwich bun with potato chips. He cooked the quinoa and created a salad with fresh tomatoes and peppers. Great job, Shawn!

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