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The trip begins! Out of Copenhagen - Day 2, June 9

Updated: Jul 1, 2019

Copenhagen and other places in Denmark are wonderful for cycling. They have dedicated bike paths and lanes on the roads which makes it easier to ride in traffic. They also follow the lights so you don't have to worry about being hit by a car or hitting a pedestrian. Everyone is courteous. We left Copenhagen, heading south, crossing the famous Snake Bridge for cyclists. This is where we first encountered a strong head wind which stayed with us all day. The ride would have been perfect if there was no wind. There were no elevation climbs and the scenery was beautiful. We rode along the eastern coast of Denmark which is part of the Baltic Sea.

We stopped for lunch in the small town of Køge, an old naval and fishing village. This was 43 km (~ 26 miles) into the day's travels. Our final destination was 79 km (~ 49 miles), the town of Rødvig, Denmark. We continued on with the ever strong wind to Stevn Cliff just 7 km north of our hotel. The Stevn Cliffs is one of the best places to see the thin layers of fish clay hidden between chalk and limestone. You can find fossils in the sand, if you are lucky, in the many rocks on the beach. There is also a church, Höjerup Alte Kirche, that is at the top of the cliff.

At dinner, with all of the cyclists and guides, a challenge was presented, The Polar Bear Challenge. The four guides challenged any of the cyclists to take a dip in the Baltic Sea at 7:30 am the next morning. Most everyone said, "NO", let's see what the morning will bring!

Pictures: getting ready with all of the bikes, along canal out of Copenhagen, snack time, lunch in an old square of Køge, Stevn Cliffs and church, view from our hotel.

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